hydraulic cylinder repair

About hydraulic cylinders:

Today the world has shifted all the works and major tasks to be completed with the help of latest technologies and machineries. Hydraulic cylinders are now used in almost all the heavy machinery and thus the hydraulic cylinders repair and precision machining in sydney is highly in demand. The application of hydraulic cylinders plays a significant part in all the heavy machinery industry. This is a very simple system that is the arrangement to lift heavy objects made of piston and cylinders. The system of hydraulics is most commonly used in the cars or the heavy machineries. They work on the principles of hydraulics. There are more machineries like power shovels that use the principle of hydraulics.

How can they be found?

The hydraulic cylinder are easily accessible in different sizes, like when we use them to be installed in cars, they are available in comparatively small masses, while, for heavy machinery or the heavy applications like in the dumpster trucks or bulldozers they are available in larger sizes for more even  and smooth steering and easy lifting. Despite their sizes, all cylinders usually share the common principles and components, repairing and the procedures to be followed for maintenance.

Hydraulic cylinders repair:

The general causes that let us to go for the errors in the working of hydraulic cylinders and its repair.

  • A bent or curved piston rod
  • Any cracks due to over usage
  • Due to persistent wear and tear
  • Damaged piston rings.

Always keep your tool kit ready to repair whenever you get into any hydraulic cylinder repair.

How to restore a hydraulic cylinder:

At first, you need to take off the hydraulic cylinder that requires repair from the machine it is fixed in. Using the bolts or screws open the cover of the cylinder and then remove the piston. After doing this slide the piston shaft in external or outer direction to remove it completely from the machine.

Secondly, inspection is considered the most important part of hydraulic cylinder repair. In this process you have to make an optical examination to find out the core problem that is causing the disturbance in its proper working. If you see that the cylinder bore is damaged or it is scratched or if you find bent piston shafts, then it is a signal that your system requires a professional hydraulic cylinder repair shop.

Lastly, to complete this process you need using the seal kit. Follow the repacking instructions for your cylinder carefully. At last when you are done with other tasks of hydraulic cylinder repair, grease the seals properly with the oil and softly slide the piston back. Make it sure that the input valves are untied or relaxed for the piston to slide in easily and smoothly. Lastly, before you are going to attach the cylinder again to your machinery, make it sure that you check for any leakages and the situation of the hydraulic pipes.