excel collaboration

The new generation is really lucky to have everything handy and quick, nothing was easily available back in time. Specifically, things related to tech and development were nowhere historically due to which every single thing was a mess. Thanks to Charles Babbage that he invented something which is beautifully useful. We all are aware that MS-office is something really significant in the world of professionalism which means that a person without the knowledge of MS-office cannot survive in a company or organization. Talking about MS-office brings us to the topic of a sub-software name as MS-Excel this software has no boundary a person skilled in excel can make models which can easily predict future values, make graphs with changing values, add extra description, make pivot tables, webpage, hyperlink and what not. There are certain aspects of excel which are known as MACROS; stating that one can easily make a bigger picture of the actual thinking and idea. Comparatively, MS-PowerPoint and MS-word have limitations and one cannot add values and formulas.

What is excel collaboration:

In this COVID-19 situation things have become really different and difficult at the same time. There are some functions in our software and cell phone and laptops which were never previously used. But now, there are aspects such as: excel collaboration which came into existence, now the versions of excel allows the user to edit the sheet while others are watching it, at the same time people watching that sheet can easily amend or alter that sheet too. This function can be used especially when participants are in remote location. Enabling remote editing on excel sheet is actually called excel collaboration.

How it works?

The procedure is like when you send an excel sheet to a person, they just do not download it, rather they open it in their browser this automatically enables them to edit anything in the sheet and watch what the host is working on the same sheet. Certainly, this not only enables the idea of sharing but also convenience at the same time. To check who is actually making the changes, the cursor starts to blink in different colours, for example: yellow would denote Mr. A, pink would denote Mr. B and so on. To make this clear in the mind of the user and the locator that changes are not made by the same person. In addition, name of the person who makes the last change would appear at the top which will help to track down the progress of working and discussion. There are different behaviours of excel on different software such as: excel collaboration would work differently on Teams and differently on Google app. For more information visit our website: deltasolutions.com.au